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How It Works? Explore and engage with exceptional journals worldwide.

Step I: Registration

Journal publishers can start by registering their journals on Glondex. This initial step is free of cost and open to journals across all disciplines.

Step II: Evaluation Criteria

Glondex employs a set of criteria to evaluate journals for inclusion in its database. This ensures a standard of quality and relevance, even as the platform grows.

Step III: Basic List

If a journal meets the basic evaluation criteria, it is included in the "Basic List of Journals." This listing provides journals with increased visibility.

Step IV: Premium List

Journals aiming for enhanced visibility and additional benefits can apply for the "Glondex Premium List of Journals." This involves submitting an evaluation form.

Step V: Content Integration

Glondex preserves information by establishing partnerships with content holders. Articles are linked to publisher sites, ensuring access to resources.

Step VI: User Access

Researchers, academics, and other users can access Glondex to explore its database of indexed journals via its user-friendly interface.

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