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Title : Pakistan Journal of Society, Education and Language - Pak. j. soc. educ. l
ISSN Print : 2521-8123
ISSN Online : 2523-1227
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DOI : https://pjsel.jehanf
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We are members of the team that run JEHAN Foundation- a charity organization based in Batkhela, District Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. JEHAN is an acronym for Justice, Education, Health, Awareness and Nutrition. The team is led by a group of volunteers, health professionals, educationists, social workers and researchers. Based on the available resources, it extends helping hand to the needy and the poor. Pakistan Journal of Society, Education and Language (JSEL) is an initiative of the team members to spread awareness and to provide a platform to researchers in order to contribute significantly to the body of knowledge. The Journal provides a forum for publication of original papers on a variety of issues pertaining to social sciences, education, language and linguistics. Preference is given to contributions based on empirical research. However, book reviews and theoretical papers of immense importance / relevance for social scientists, educationists and linguists are also published. Papers to be published in the Journal must be original, and are expected to be of a high standard not only in respect of their subject matter and its treatment, but also in the quality of the writing. The Pakistan Journal of Society, Education and Language (PJSEL) has published since 2015 by Jehan Foundation Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. Since that, the journal is published semiannually (biannually) and the publishing months are January, and July of the year.

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