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Glondex is a research citation and indexation database launched to empower research and development around the globe. Glondex is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature. Launched in 2016 providing seamless access to  millions of journal articles available online offered by publishers from different parts of the world. It presently has a massive database of journal literature with links to full text at publisher sites. Glondex is the basic tool recommended for every journal that allows strengthening its process of digitization. Glondex preserves rich and tremendous amount of information Through partnerships with its content holders. you can find the most current information on all registered journals sharing at least the meta data of published research articles significantly increase their chances of improving citation rates and building a strong position for the journal.

Glondex basically maintains two section of indexing database. One is "Glondex List of Journals" and other is "Glondex Premium Journal List". Registering a journal in Glondex list of journal is free of cost for journals of all disciplines. If your journal meets our evaluation criteria, you can list your journal in “Glondex Premium List of Journals” by submitting an evaluation form and evaluation fee.

Glondex indexing database includes these four disciplinary collections:

  • Glondex Sciences Indexation - (GSCI)
  • Glondex Social Sciences Indexation - (GSSCI)
  • Glondex Arts and Humanities Indexation - (GANHI)
  • Glondex Business and Management Indexation - (GBNMI)
  • Glondex Multidisciplinary Indexation - (GMDI)

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